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Yamaha Banshee ** IMMACULATE **



– Yamaha 350cc 2-stroke engine

– First registration on 02/18/2004
– Belgian registration
– Belgian certificate of conformity (Quadricycle)
– Homologated for the road
– PRO DESING cylinder head
– Full FMF exhaust
– Elka suspension
– NEKEN handlebar
– Jet TRIM saddle
– Wide front and rear axle
– Tyga-Performance aluminum radiator
– Underfloor Protection
– Rear disc & crown protection
– Brakes with aviation hoses
– Matte Black 10’ Douglas rims
– MAXXIS tires
– Vforce 3 valve
– Nerf Bars

Now let’s talk about the rarity and the prices of this quad which have skyrocketed over the past 5 years. What should not be forgotten is that they are no longer produced, and therefore the last quads were sold in 2013. The demand for this quad was not very strong the 3 years that followed, but it was from 2016 that there was an inversion of demand and supply. Demand has become greater than supply, so prices have simply gone up. But, despite everything this year it has clearly increased due to sellers who knowingly increased their price to raise the odds, and unfortunately it is a movement that has been followed and that today we can see quads sold 20,000 euros all original. To conclude, it is obvious that the 350 Banshee still have a bright future ahead of them, and let’s hope that it will not become a quad that only the wealthiest can afford.

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Year: 2004
Marque: YAMAHA
Model: Banshee
Body Style: Quad
Kilométrage: 500
Transmission: 6-Speed Manual
Etat: Brand New
Drivetrain: RWD
Exterior Color: Rouge & Noir
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