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Lancia Delta HF 8V 2.0 TURBO 185hp INTEGRALE

25 000

Including taxes


– Ideal for regularity rally
– Belgian Oldtimer registration
– Only 2.700 produced 

– Engine 2.0 Turbo 185hp

– 5 gears Gearbox
– 15′ rims 
– Interior black Recaro leather
– LUISI steering wheel 
– Martini Racing decoration

HF 8V Catalysé 2700 ex
HF 16V 200hp 12860 ex
Evolution I 8V Catalysé 4650 ex
Evolution I “5 World Rally Champion” 400 ex
Evolution I -VERDE YORK 200 ex
Evolution I -CLUB “HF” 44 ex
Evolution I -CLUB ITALIA 15 ex
Evolution I “6 World Rally Champion” 310 ex
Evolution II “GIALLA” 220 ex
Evolution II “PEARL WHITE” 365 ex
Evolution II “BLUE LAGOS” 215 ex
Evolution II “EDIZIONE FINALE” 250 ex
Evolution II “DEALER COLLECTION” 180 ex


In the end, all versions of the Delta HF are very endearing and high-performance cars. If the 8-valve HF versions are the least expensive, it is also very rare to find one in perfect mechanical and bodywork condition.

– Delivered with technical control and Car Pass 

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Year: 1988
Marque: Lancia
Model: Delta HF
Body Style: Berline
Kilométrage: 145.558
Transmission: 5-Speed Manual
Etat: Slightly Used
Prix: 25 000 €
Drivetrain: 4WD
Engine: 2.0
Exterior Color: Noir
Interior Color: Noir
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