Peugeot DKR 3008 DKR 2019 #C22

ex Sébastien Loeb

Job description

Following the win of the 2008 DKR in 2016, the marketing team of Peugeot decided to build a new car to promote their newest SUV the 3008.

With a couple of technical upgrade, a new more aerodynamic body, an air conditioner and a new optimised engine the 3008 DKR was born and instantly proved to be the ultimate Dakar rally car with an historic triplet in the 2017 Dakar.

The following year Peugeot intoduced the 3008 DKR Maxi and went on for antoher succes with Carlos Sainz in 2018.

Our car is the chassis C22 that most notably participated in the “private” participation of Sébatien Loeb in the 2019 Dakar. As he was put in a restricted list of drivers by ASO he couldn’t use the Maxi upgrade and the car is still in this configuration. Nonetheless it is pretty simple to make the upgrade of the car to the Maxi version if necessary. It has been maintained by PH Sport since they acquired it from Peugeot and fully rebuilt before the sale.

Full palmares and description available on demand.


  • ex. Sébastien Loeb
  • Fully rebuilt by Ph Sport
  • One of five rare authentic vehicle
  • One of the most dominant car on the Dakar rally
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