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Porsche 911-935 Réplica


PORSCHE 935 « Hillclimb » Ex-DVDG
– Unique car
– Double Belgian hillclimb champion
– Extensive track record, virtually undefeated in its category in hillclimbs (Gr. B/S)
– Winner in the Senegalese Circuit Championship in 2010


Ever since its competition debut in 1976, the Porsche 935 has excited more than one generation of
enthusiasts. If the « turbo » versions developed by Porsche, and subsequently by teams close to the
factory (Kremer, Joest) or powerful American teams, mainly distinguished themselves on the race
tracks, other variants of the « Silhouette Porsche », in both turbo and atmospheric guise, became
very successful in hillclimb racing.
This was notably the case for the versions built by the Alméras brothers in the European and French
championships, but also for the unique model developed by Gérard de Ville de Goyet for the
Belgian (and Luxembourg) championship.
Having left the factory in 1978 with « Porsche 911 SC » as its official identity and chassis number
#911 830 1546, the car has been progressively modified by the Oteppe based tuner to become the
terror of single-seaters and prototypes it competed against.
Following the white 911 SC’s first appearance at the Marchin hillclimb (4th place in the Provincial
event) in 260 BHP form, it soon becomes a winner, claiming its first victory at the Ry des Glands
hillclimb. For 1981, more power (280 BP) and a flat nose in polyester are added, the latter giving
the first hint of the silhouette car it was to become and already making it a spectator attraction. The
Interprovincial title is the reward at the end of the season, prompting its driver to move up to the
Belgian Championship.
This becomes a reality in 1982 when the Porsche driver, now with 300 BHP at his disposal, has the
opportunity to measure himself against not only F5000, F2 , F3 and Gr. 6 prototype opposition, but
also against other well driven GT cars such as those of French drivers Jacky Cauchy (911) and
Daniel Voisin (935). The latter will take a hollow victory at the Houyet round at the end of the year,
being classified 5th, two places ahead of « DVDG », but only after severely damaging his car in a
crash on the final run.
After this accident, Gérard de Ville de Goyet acquires the wreck and removes a series of parts
(before selling to Manfred Freisinger what was after all an authentic 1974 3.0 RSR… which has
since been rebuilt) before undertaking, during the winter of 1982-1983, the transformation of his
911 SC into a 935 replica.
Having set some remarkable times in 1982, often right behind the F2’s of Bayard, D’Hoe, Evrard
and Buchem, DVDG becomes a genuine threat for the single-seaters, finishing the Belgian
championship in third place in 1983 and claiming the runner-up spot behind Hervé Bayard in 1984.
1985 is an important year for the Belgian tuner and his 935, which now has 340 BHP, because the
combination repeatedly finds itself matching competitors such as Jean Welkenbach (934), John
Lagodny (BMW M1) and the very renowned Giovanni Rossi (BMW M1) and Guy Deybach (930)
whom he notably defeats at Dudelange. He even takes an overall win at Fléron, to which he adds a
substantial number of podium places over the course of the season, and taking advantage of the fact
that the Formula drivers are sharing the victories, wins the overall Championship, ahead of Bayard,
Gosset, Hauser and Debias, no less !
In 1986 and 1987, the car appears to have been powered by an ex-Jean-Louis Dumont SC RS
engine bored to 3,5 litres and « de Ville » again adds two runner-up places in the Belgian
championship to his tally, followed by three consecutive third places from 1988 to 1990. Over the
course of about 50 events (10 per season), the 935 is almost unbeaten in Gr. B/S !
1989 witnesses an aerodynamic evolution of the 935 from Oteppe, which is now blue in Sobelfa
livery, with the fitting of a large rear wing largely inspired by the famous Porsche 935 K3 race car.
The wing will become even taller and wider as the years go by.
However, it is in 1990 – the car is now white with yellow and green Yacco stripes – that the definite
transformation into this « unique 935 » takes place. The car, which has already been running a
guillotine type injection for a long time, is now fitted with a Hewland FG400 gearbox, of the same
type which can be found in F1 cars equipped with a Cosworth engine ! This gearbox allows the
driver to adapt the gear ratios before each hillclimb (the location of the hatch allowing these
modifications is still visible today), a luxury often reserved for … single-seater and prototype
drivers, whom he beats for a second time to win the Belgian championship in 1991, in a car now
sporting a bright orange livery !
In line with 1990, #911 830 1546 is again subject to improvements by the Oteppe tuner for the 1991
and 1992 seasons. Having used standard SC brakes, which are lighter, the driver is now convinced
he can gain time with bigger brakes, even if they are heavier. The car is now sporting 930 Turbo and
Carrera 2 discs, 928GT calipers on the front wheels (fitted in front of the disc with weight
distribution in mind), but also an engine mounted forwards by 1,5 cm, a wider rear track, and rear
arches widened by 4 cm.
This last development will not deliver the expected advantage to the driver. Worse even, Gérard will
crash twice during the year, once at Zittig (Luxembourg) at the start of the year and again in July at
Marchin, his preferred hillclimb. He’s still credited with a win in Gr. S, but the car is badly
Repaired, and reverting to the rear track of the previous year (resulting in an overall width of 200
cm) and the same livery as in 1992, namely a magnificent metallic midnight blue (not black, which
is what the majority of the photos make the car look like), the 935 is then available to rent for 1993.
DVDG still drives it occasionally (finishing 6th at Alle-sur-Semois in 1993) and Patrice Clérisse
(Bomerée, Houyet and Gives in 1993) followed by Olivier Lefief (Bomerée in 1995 and 1996) are
the final drivers to have competed with the car in what can be called its « first career ».
The 935 then remains on stand-by for a long time at Oteppe, before reappearing on a race track in…
Dakar, as part of the Senegalese championship. A championship which « de Ville » and his
teammates win in 2010 with the 935, before switching to a 946 RS with 993 look. At that time, the
Hewland gearbox is no longer fitted but the engine is now a 3,8 litre and the gearbox a 5 or 6 speed
depending on the race track.
After this African interlude, the car returns to Belgium and in 2013, at Marchin where he’s driving a
911 Carrera RS 1973 replica as course opening car, Gérard de Ville de Goyet declares he’s seriously
considering a comeback with the 935 in 2014. The comeback didn’t take place, however, in 2016-
2018, the 935 is subject to a full restoration in the workshop of the highly regarded Michel
Lameuse, which includes, amongst others, the use of the straightening bench and extensive work on
the bodyshell.
Reconditioned to its visual configuration of 1985 (white with black checkered flag and works 935
1976-1977 type rear wing), it is then sold to its current owner, who enters it on selected events, like
the Montée Historique du Maquisard and M de Bomerée in 2019.


Engine : 3.8 sport kit from a Porsche 964 (revised in 2021)
Gearbox : LM Sport 6 speed (revised + new synchros in 2021)
Fluids : all renewed in 2021 (engine, gearbox, axle)
Brakes : specific assembly with 930 turbo discs and 928GT calipers
Bodywork : silhouette, works 935 type rear wing, completely restored (photo file available)
Fuel tank : ATL (cleaned + filters replaced in 2021 – homologated until January 2024)
Interior : OMP seat, Turn One belts, homologated until 2025.
Documents : RACB logbook, FIA Performance Factor

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Year: 1978
Marque: Porsche
Model: 911-935
Body Style: Coupé
Etat: Slightly Used
Drivetrain: RWD
Engine: 3.800
Exterior Color: BLANC
Interior Color: Noir
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